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Hi Ben

I discussed this issue with a friend of mine involved in many localizations (translation company)... he said exactly what you wrote. Few , actually very few sites needs a true mixin of multi-languages contents: one in which the visitor enter in english and need to get a spanish version of one article... generally, the visitor wants to choose one language and stick to it...

It would be better to work on a good initial design in the default language, then buying or building admin tools that help in duplicating the default site, localizing all existing contents to another language, and deploying multi sub-domains , one for each language..

Radiant is lite and simple to use, trying to add in core multi-language capabilities will transform it into a 'refinery' ... better keep it clean, small and green ....
adding extensions...
(I have been deeply looking into the Zope/Plone CMS for a customer... an example of refinery)
That's what I am going to do for my next customer :

default site :en http://www.mycustomersite.com -> proxy URL to http://www.mycustomersite.com/en/ duplicate to sub-domain http://fr.mycustomersite.com -> proxy URL to http://www.mycustomersite.com/fr/ , localizing the content
..  and so on

why not a localization extension wich will had a language bar view and manage all localization parameters

I just have a localization bar that only finds if the article exists in another language (based on the convention that all languages have the same slug with only a different language portion /en/article or /fr/article and so on. It is assumed that /en /fr /jp will have completely different content in my case. Essentially, it is also assumed that the language maintainers are different people. Further, not all content is available in all supported languages. The loss is that the slug will always be in a single language. I use this as demonstrated on: http://t-engine.onghu.com/en/articles/booting-t-engine-from-usb/ (thebar shows 'en' and 'th') On another page: http://t-engine.onghu.com/cn/articles/te-recommended-reading/ it shows 'cn' and 'en'
and so on.

3/10/2009 | 4:08 PM.

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