Mohit Sindhwani wrote:
Christian Nikolajsen wrote:
Ok, I will try to explain.I'm setting up a site that has a horizontal main
menu at the top of the page (for this navigation_tags works perfectly).
Then for each of these main pages that have children I want a submenu.
example using Benny's page examples:
If I have a main menu page /portfolio and this page has the children
and /portfolio/very_sexy_client I would like when I am on /portfolio and any
of its children to see a menu showing the children of /portfolio.

Hope this helps explain what I'm on about
I think I have some idea! Is it only 2 level or do you want this to be multi-level?
Hi Christian

I tried out what I thought you meant, so I prototyped it out in one of my experimental sites. Would you see the 2 pictures at: - Is this what you want?

The way I did it was using the following code in a snippet - this snippet is included in one of the layouts.

<div id="site_nav">
<r:find url="/en"><r:children:each>
* <r:link /><r:if_ancestor_or_self> ^ </r:if_ancestor_or_self></r:children:each>

<div id="site_nav">
<r:find url="/en"><r:children:each>
* <r:link /></r:children:each>

(Actually, this code is slightly different from the one that I used to produce the screen shots. In the first block, I modified the line: * <r:link /><r:if_ancestor_or_self> ^ </r:if_ancestor_or_self></r:children:each>
to include the part for "^" to show the main block that is selected.

Let me know if this helps.

5/7/2009 | 10:57 PM.

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