N. Turnage wrote:
Mohit Sindhwani wrote:

Next on my list is PageAttachments - so, I installed attachment_fu and then, I cloned the recent page_attachments from git. I applied the migration and did the update and restarted the server.

I was able to add an attachment and then another. But the third one failed. After trying for a bit, it seems that it loads small files (tried up to 14KB) but larger files (more than 30KB) seem to be not loading. Any suggestion on what may be wrong?

I found this in page_attachments\app\models\page_attachment.rb:

 has_attachment :storage => :file_system,
:thumbnails => defined?(PAGE_ATTACHMENT_SIZES) && PAGE_ATTACHMENT_SIZES || {:icon => '50x50>'},
                :max_size => 10.megabytes

This tends to suggest that files up to 10MB should be fine? Any idea what I should look for? (I'm on Windows, running Radiant 0.7.1 on ruby 1.8.6)


I suggest you drop page_attachments in favor of Paperclipped. It's easier to manage image sizes and mime-types (you can do both with the settings extension) and page_attachments will prevent you from using the change_author extension (I got bitten by this one) if you decide to use it. It's also much easier to use in day-to-day operations with its bucket that will allow you to upload and attach images from the same place.
Hi Nate,

Thanks for the advice. I'm tempted to use PageAttachments firstly because I was using it earlier :) and the site I'm trying to do is a technical articles site, so it makes a lot of sense to attach images to the pages on which the articles appear. Admittedly, I've not used PaperClipped so I"m not sure if that's how it works - but the talk of buckets (that I've heard elsewhere also) tends to suggest common pools rather than page-wise attachments. However, I have need for Paperclipped also for certain types of site-wide needs, but I'm scared to even start putting Paperclipped and PageAttachments together :P

5/24/2009 | 10:26 PM.

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