michael starke wrote:
Hello Mohit,

paperclipped comes with a fine installation routine that even imports your old attachments (and images) and moves them to it's default location. Look at the github page, there should be a rake task for mirgration form page_attachments. At least that's how i remember it - i mirgrated only one image, but it shoudl still work with more than one ;)

And paperclipped does use a central media pool BUT you still are able to attach items to pages, so you can, as you woudl do with page_attachments before, access attachments on pages and get only the ones attached to this page (but you also cold use som arbitratry ones by direktly including them) The radiant tags are a bit different, but cycling throuhg attachments and testing for them (with mime type filters) is an easy task.

So the attachments thing is still in there. The bucket is for attaching items to different pages. You add them to the bucket "to carry them around", and then you can attach items form the bucket to pages you're editing.

So all in all (and that's the reason i switched) paperclipped is more flexible and offers a superset of functionality over page_attachments.

Hi Michael

That's a very convincing case - I'm going to try PaperClipped. For one of my sites, I'll leave it at PageAttachments for the time being, but for the one I'm working on, I'm going to try Paperclipped.

5/24/2009 | 10:45 PM.

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