N. Turnage wrote:
Hey guys,

I have built a contact form with Mailer and I would like to use it in my template so that it is at the bottom of every page. It is working on the contact page itself, but on any other page I get the "Mailer config is not valid" error. The ReadMe for Mailer says that you can use it in a snippet, but doesn't mention the syntax to do that. Right now I have this set up in a snippet that is at the bottom of my template:

<div id="contact">
<r:find url="/contact/">
<r:content />
not sure how the extension works, but can't you use it in a snippet and then use the snippet from the layout?

I just looked at its readme and it says:
You configure the recipients and other Mailer settings in a "mailer" part

Just a suggestion:
1. You may be able to use:

 from_field: my_form_field_that_contains_the_from_email_address
with a snippet that has the mailer form.

2. It seems that you mailer may be failing because you don't have a mailer 
part.  It may be that with your current code, you also need the mailer part on 
your pages.

Good luck.

On a side note, I noticed this:


Relative urls will almost certainly not work if the mailer fails validation. 
Solution? Only use absolute urls.

I wonder if my suggestion for comments might work with this also.  I'll post 
that separately in a bit.

5/27/2009 | 10:18 PM.

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