I find that a combination of checking the last updated date stamp, with tags 
and text in most docs are the most reliable 'filters' for checking if stuff 
might work on .8.  

It would be helpful if Radiant utilizied something similar to the approach 
wordpress' plugin directory takes (ie ) but for now there is no 
such solution that I'm aware of.
> Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 15:33:12 -0400
> From:
> To:
> Subject: [Radiant] Extensions with 0.8
> Hi All,
> Is the expectation that unless the GitHub page specifically says that
> an extension works with 0.8, that it WON'T work?
> I've tried and failed to install a few extensions, and now there's so
> much non-working cruft that I'm thinking it'd be easier to start a new
> instance and transfer all my content then debug what's wrong with
> different rake tasks, migrations, etc.
> Different pages have different suggestions for installation process,
> is it "more preferred" to use:
> script/extension install extension_name
> or
> rake radiant:extensions:extension_name:install
> I've had better luck with the former, but many of the github pages
> suggest the latter.
> Apologies if I'm missing something obvious,
> Jeff
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