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Hi All,

Is the expectation that unless the GitHub page specifically says that
an extension works with 0.8, that it WON'T work?

Maybe. It depends. Some extensions might not require an update.

I've tried and failed to install a few extensions, and now there's so
much non-working cruft that I'm thinking it'd be easier to start a new
instance and transfer all my content then debug what's wrong with
different rake tasks, migrations, etc.

Different pages have different suggestions for installation process,
is it "more preferred" to use:

script/extension install extension_name


rake radiant:extensions:extension_name:install

These are entirely different things.
Using "script/extension install extension_name" will get information from the extension registry http://ext.radiantcms.org/, pull down the extension, run the migrate task, and run the update task.

The command "rake radiant:extensions:extension_name:install" would just be some command to perform the "install" rake task (assuming it exists) in the extension "extension_name"

To see what rake tasks your extensions provide, you may do "rake -T" from the root of the project.

I've had better luck with the former, but many of the github pages
suggest the latter.

Using "script/extension" will pull down the information. This is the same as a download, git clone, svn checkout, or whatever else. "script/ extension install" assumes the presence of "migrate" and "update" tasks for each extension and runs them. If you were to use some other process for getting the code (download, git clone, etc) you'd still need to run whatever tasks are necessary to fully "install" the extension. Some extensions need a database migration, others need to put files in the public directory (the "update" rake task) and others need nothing. Help (http://ext.radiantcms.org/extensions/5-help), for example, was written to just be a drop-in extension (no migrate or update tasks) where you just put it in your project and start up the server. Dashboard (http://ext.radiantcms.org/extensions/40-dashboard) however requires an update task to be run but no migration. RBAC Base (http://ext.radiantcms.org/extensions/87-rbac-base ) requires both migrate and update to be run.

Apologies if I'm missing something obvious,

Not obvious, but Josh French has committed changes for the next release that will allow extension developers to configure dependencies from the extension which might help with the installation process as far as things like error messages go. There will be more development on this in the future. And the Ray extension (http://ext.radiantcms.org/extensions/36-ray) has a way to manage dependencies from within an extension (as well as min/max versions of Radiant), but I'm not sure how many take advantage of it.


You might be able to get a lot of help by simply emailing the list with something like "I want to upgrade to Radiant 0.8.0 and I have extensions X, Y and Z. Are all of those extensions ready?" You're likely to get replies from the extension authors, or other users of those extensions who might know.

So... what extensions do you have?

I personally have many extensions which I wrote and manage and updating them is not my full-time job, so some may not work yet. If it's a simple fix and I know somebody needs it, I'm happy to address the changes.

This is a pretty helpful community, so just ask away.


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