On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 1:37 PM, Steven Southard
<ste...@stevensouthard.com> wrote:
> It truly looks great.  Really a big improvement.  Thank you.  Your
> design brings in a lot of cool new features and personalizes the
> extensions and there creators in a great way.

Thanks for the kind words Stephen. It's been a fun little holiday project.

> I was wondering if you would mind including a "list all" button next to the 
> next button.
> I've grown quite fond of using my browser's find to do word searches.
> Also sometimes it's easier to scroll through the whole list to find
> things you might not of even known to type in a search field.

Is your concern not wasting time between page loads? I mean search is
pretty snappy for me at the moment, and pagination is blazing fast.
Definitely open to the idea, just wondering if new methods are in

John Long
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