Daniel O'Connell said the following on 02/04/2010 02:04 PM:
> Anton,

> Thank you very much for your help! I think it would be a great help
> to others, if you could add your method to the  Radiant docs wiki.

In a mail message there's context and we can add with dialogue to
clarify.  To do a piece for a wiki I'll need to be specific, include
screen shots and a lot ore detail.

I started on that and found it was so much work and had a  crash from a
power failure and ... and ... and I need to get my taxes done ... and
... I need the 'span" of time and attention.


> I'm still going through the steps you gave, but so far so good.
> This "nuts and bolts" understanding of how to work in Radiant has
> really been eluding me. Thanks for the link.

I suppose by now I work with about 10 tabs open on snippets, templates,
pages, page parts, page views, google searches, e-books, style sheets,
web tools ... that it would be impossible to describe my approach to the
'nuts and bolts' of 'keyboarding'.  I don't know how people ever lived
without multi-taking editors ...

> Andrea's website is really a great resource
> for ideas. So is fullahead.org. 

Indeed.  So are many other "free template" sites :-)

> Right now I'm working from the Lazy Days template
> http://fullahead.org/index.php/work/project/lazydays/
> for a semi-fluid layout that scales well and can be 1 or more
> columns.  The template is very well documented throughout.
> Very clean nicely laid out code too.

Documentation, somewhere, is Very, Very useful.
Keep notes on what and why you do what you do.

I just found that my template a snippet that was just a logo.
Moving it from the snippet to the template and then from the asset to
the file system really helped performance!  Note to self: remember this
when writing up the process.

>> Well, OK,  0-sidebar, 1-sidebar and 2-sidebar types of "themes".
>> Uh-oh!  Someone isn't going to like that!
>> Perhaps you need to use Joomla after all ...

> Joomla...Oh that almost gave me nightmares. Radiant is so much
> better than any of the CMSes I' am aware of, Rails or
> otherwise and i've researched/tested dozens of them. 

Indeed!  But 'better' is a context sensitive term.
If you were running a major portal or a publishing mini-empire and had
dozens of editors and hundreds of authors then you might think differently.

The way that can be followed is not the Way
The truth that can be told is not the Truth
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