Gabe Koss said the following on 04/15/2010 09:50 AM:
> hmm, still having no success. Its very confusing because I had it 
> working both from heroku and localhost without tls (ie without gmail) 
> but I need gmail for the client. Anyway in my logs it doesn't say "mail 
> sent" at all and its clearly not interfacing with gmail on any level. It 
> also isn't correctly redirecting.

As I posted some weeks ago, the 'traditional' set up is too awkward,
difficult to follow and as you are showing, very fragile.

If the host supporting your web site has mail capability at all, try
this instead of the awkward set-up you have been using and playing with.
It avoids all that TLS stuff.

In config/environment.rb put:

  ActionMailer::Base.delivery_method = :sendmail

Since you are "inside" the host, sendmail shouln't have to worry about
more than half of the set-up.  Yes, you'll still need your domain, you
might still need password, but you're making the local mail sub-system
do the work that you ere previously having to be very specific about.

I battled with the mailer extension for a week and was very frustrated,
but the moment I put that line in and restarted everything worked great!

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