John, I decided to give nginx+passenger a try. Installed the passenger gem
and then "passenger-install-nginx-module" to compile nginx with the
passenger module. Little bit of configuring and started it up.

Performance started out okay, but now is MUCH worse. Example timings:

  Parameters: {"action"=>"show_page", "url"=>["schedule"],
Completed in 1198120ms (DB: 18562) | 200 []

and then same page again 4 minutes later

    Parameters: {"action"=>"show_page", "url"=>["schedule"],
  Completed in 11021ms (DB: 896) | 200 []

and 10 minutes later the load avg is back up to 7 and the site is
unresponsive. Taking nginx down and restarting litespeed.

What the heck is going on??? Desperate for a fix!!!

The mysql database was loaded using taps to copy from my desktop
development environment to the slicehost server. Could the database be
corrupted? How can I check?

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