On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 12:19 PM, Marshal Linfoot <mlinf...@gmail.com> wrote:
> John, I decided to give nginx+passenger a try. Installed the passenger gem
> and then "passenger-install-nginx-module" to compile nginx with the
> passenger module. Little bit of configuring and started it up.

i'm pretty much out of ideas about what the problem may be. i've never
seen numbers like that ever; not even running in development with

perhaps there is a problem with the slice itself. you could always try
taking a snapshot of your setup and boot a new slice using that
snapshot and compare performance on the new slice.

> and 10 minutes later the load avg is back up to 7 and the site is
> unresponsive. Taking nginx down and restarting litespeed.
> What the heck is going on??? Desperate for a fix!!!

this sounds like you're using the passenger default which is to run up
to six application servers. here is an except from an nginx
configuration file that i use on a 32bit 256mb slicehost server that
is dedicated to running a single site <http://gist.github.com/454173>.
that server has been running for over a month now with no runaway
resource usage.

> The mysql database was loaded using taps to copy from my desktop
> development environment to the slicehost server. Could the database be
> corrupted? How can I check?

try running in production using your sqlite database.

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