> With 9.1 on Heroku I am having a problem saving new pages.  It saves pages I 
> made on my localhost just won't make a new one.

Turns out the exact same bug bit core, but I never ported the patch over to 
PageParts. It's been updated now and *should* work, although I have neither 
Postgres nor a Radiant app on Heroku so you'll have to be the guinea pig for it 
-- sorry!

>> If I take page_parts out and run migrate VERSION=0 radiant won't start at 
>> all.  Does something change during the setup process that has to be undone 
>> to remove page_parts?  

As for the error you got when it was uninstalled, my guess is that something 
wasn't removed cleanly. Again, I haven't done much on Heroku so I'm not sure 
how they do things; if you can't get your app up after re-adding the fixed 
version of PageParts, let me know and I'll take a closer look.

And yes, Heroku converts your DB to Postgres behind the scenes. It works in 
most cases, and where it doesn't it helps us flush out this sort of bug. Sorry 
you were the one to find it!


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