Advice taken. I've got a Ubuntu Virtual Box set up with RVM and

I guess I was kind of hoping I could do it on my hosting provider
because I'm not a server tech and when there's server problems, I'd
rather send a ticket and have them fix than take time away from
learning the programming to fix things. I shouldn't have been worrying
about it and jumped in. Thanks for you help.

On Oct 4, 7:53 am, Anton J Aylward <> wrote:
> Jonathan said the following on 10/03/2010 08:26 PM:
> > At one point I did get a 404 with the message "Power by Radiant", or
> > something similar. But, lately, I've just been getting Apache 404's.
> > The page in question is 
> > here:,
> > if that helps any.
> 1. You're running under Phusion_Passenger/2.2.5 which has many
>    constraints which you should understand.
> 2. The 404 is because the error page cannot be accessed.
>    Its really incidental and irrelevant to the root cause, which is:
> 3. You real problem is this:
>       You don't have permission to access /radiant-test/ on this server.
> I *very* strongly suggest that you *learn* Radiant by running it on your
> local machine.  That way you don't have to deal with all the constraints
> your service provider imposes; you have complete control and visibility.
>  You can make changes that are not possible in a provider's environment
> and you can try out suggestions we offer much more easily since you have
> "root" control.
> Part of the reason I suggest this is that the errors and difficulties
> you are facing have nothing to do with Radiant and are *ALL* a result of
> the provider's environment.  You are going to have to wade though the
> RoR/radiant logs, the Apache logs (which may not be accessible to you)
> and the system logs to do debugging in that environment.  Whereas
> running locally you only have to deal with with the RoR/radiant logs.
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