Lord.Quackstar said the following on 10/18/2010 11:16 AM:
> I think I might of gotten it installed (had to move to a new server),
> but now I'm getting another problem: Something is redirecting to the
> wrong directory.
> When visiting the root directory of my site I get a directory list.
> Then when I go to /public I get a 404 about /
> radiant.wreckcreations.biz/public/dispatch.fcgi . Interestingly though
> I get this in my apache error log:
> [Mon Oct 18 08:05:29 2010] [error] [client] File does not
> exist: /var/chroot/home/content/i/h/a/[name]/html/
> radiant.wreckcreations.biz/radiant.wreckcreations.biz/public/
> dispatch.fcgi
> Apparently something is redirecting to the wrong directory. But I have
> no idea what it is as none of the .htaccess's in the hearchy redirect
> there. I tried to bandaid fix it by putting this in /.htaccess:
> RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/radiant\.wreckcreations\.biz/radiant
> \.wreckcreations\.biz [NC]
> RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /radiant.wreckcreations.biz/$1 [L,QSA,NC]
> But it didn't seem to fix it. I'm really at a loss now and don't have
> the ruby skills to manually fix it. From what I've heard Godaddy
> doesn't help with this kind of stuff, so I don't have anybody else to
> turn to.
> Any suggestions?

I use Dreamhost and this makes perfect sense to me.

You seem to have a setup/config error.
I'm not sure why you should be able to browse the root of your account.

You are chroot'd and that part of the path that apache's logs report you
should ignore.  Apache is reporting the ABSOLUTE address on the file
system since the way it is set up to deal with 'virtual domains' (see
the Apache documentation) has to suport you and all other users.

You, however, are in what amounts to a 'virtual partition' (NOT a
Virtual Machine) that begins at an absolute address of, I think


or perhaps


Apache "knows" this and is already remapping your addresses.
This setup is in the system level and is not under your control and is a
function of the fact you are using shared resource and the measures that
the operators have taken to isolate each user so as to prevent them
doing things that may harm one another.  Using Chroot to isolate is a
standard and well established method.

Your addition remapping just scr3ws-the-p00ch.  Take it out.

I install in my home directory, but the apache server looks for what's
under /public.

That is http://www.systemI.ca/
maps to ~antonaylward/www.systemi.ca/public/


I think you are over-engineering this.
Check the docs to see.

If I were experimenting I'd wipe (or move to one side)
the just list some plain texr files under /public/ and see what happens
when you ftp - YES FTP does handle http - to radiant.wreckcreations.biz

Oh, and get rid of that redirect first.
You really should'nt need the double-domainname like that AT ALL.
Its a side effect of an incorrect set-up.

I suggest you go to the domain "control panel" and see where the base is
set.  You might see a form something like

    Web directory:  /home/username/|           |
That's where you need to put the path to the "/public'
In my case it looks like

    Web directory:  /home/username/|www.systemI.ca/public/ |

 THAT is where the web browser gets pointed.

I can't be sure, not being a subscriber, that the GoDaddy looks exactly
the same.

Officially, Dreamhost isn't "Rails-Friendly".  In practice they are, its
that they don't help with the actual application.  But setting up Rails,
Passenger and the like they've always helped with.  And they have a good
support Wiki.
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