Well I went ahead and pointed Godaddy to the /public folder but am now
getting a 500 from a misbehaving looping redirect.

First I think I should explain some stuff
-All website files exist under /var/chroot/home/content/i/h/a/[name]/
--I have access to this and other directories upstream
--There is a .htaccess file here but it doesn't do anything to this
domain. I've temporarily disabled it and it still didn't work
-Radiant is installed to /var/chroot/home/content/i/h/a/[name]/html/
--There is no .htaccess here
-A request for radiant.wreckcreations.biz goes to /var/chroot/home/
--Default .htaccess file exists here
--I've disabled this .htaccess and I get a directory list (temporarily
turned on for all my websites). Enabled gives a 500 and a max
redirects error.

And before you say it: I've already changed the appropriate
permissions on all applicable directories/files using instructions
from here: 

This is confusing as I'm using the default .htaccess. According to a
generic help page I should set the rewrite base to /, but that only
gives a timeout:

[Tue Oct 19 17:10:42 2010] [error] [client] FastCGI: comm
with (dynamic) server "/var/chroot/home/content/i/h/a/[name]/html/
radiant.wreckcreations.biz/public/dispatch.fcgi" aborted: (first read)
idle timeout (60 sec)
[Tue Oct 19 17:10:42 2010] [error] [client] FastCGI:
incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from server "/var/chroot/home/

Any other suggestions?

On Oct 18, 12:08 pm, Anton J Aylward <radi...@antonaylward.com> wrote:
> Lord.Quackstar said the following on 10/18/2010 11:16 AM:
> > I think I might of gotten it installed (had to move to a new server),
> > but now I'm getting another problem: Something is redirecting to the
> > wrong directory.
> > When visiting the root directory of my site I get a directory list.
> > Then when I go to /public I get a 404 about /
> > radiant.wreckcreations.biz/public/dispatch.fcgi . Interestingly though
> > I get this in my apache error log:
> > [Mon Oct 18 08:05:29 2010] [error] [client] File does not
> > exist: /var/chroot/home/content/i/h/a/[name]/html/
> > radiant.wreckcreations.biz/radiant.wreckcreations.biz/public/
> > dispatch.fcgi
> > Apparently something is redirecting to the wrong directory. But I have
> > no idea what it is as none of the .htaccess's in the hearchy redirect
> > there. I tried to bandaid fix it by putting this in /.htaccess:
> > RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/radiant\.wreckcreations\.biz/radiant
> > \.wreckcreations\.biz [NC]
> > RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /radiant.wreckcreations.biz/$1 [L,QSA,NC]
> > But it didn't seem to fix it. I'm really at a loss now and don't have
> > the ruby skills to manually fix it. From what I've heard Godaddy
> > doesn't help with this kind of stuff, so I don't have anybody else to
> > turn to.
> > Any suggestions?
> I use Dreamhost and this makes perfect sense to me.
> You seem to have a setup/config error.
> I'm not sure why you should be able to browse the root of your account.
> You are chroot'd and that part of the path that apache's logs report you
> should ignore.  Apache is reporting the ABSOLUTE address on the file
> system since the way it is set up to deal with 'virtual domains' (see
> the Apache documentation) has to suport you and all other users.
> You, however, are in what amounts to a 'virtual partition' (NOT a
> Virtual Machine) that begins at an absolute address of, I think
> /var/chroot/home/content/i/h/a/[name]/html/radiant.wreckcreations.biz/
> or perhaps
> /var/chroot/home/content/i/h/a/[name]/
> Apache "knows" this and is already remapping your addresses.
> This setup is in the system level and is not under your control and is a
> function of the fact you are using shared resource and the measures that
> the operators have taken to isolate each user so as to prevent them
> doing things that may harm one another.  Using Chroot to isolate is a
> standard and well established method.
> Your addition remapping just scr3ws-the-p00ch.  Take it out.
> I install in my home directory, but the apache server looks for what's
> under /public.
> That ishttp://www.systemI.ca/
> maps to ~antonaylward/www.systemi.ca/public/
> I think you are over-engineering this.
> Check the docs to see.
> If I were experimenting I'd wipe (or move to one side)
> the just list some plain texr files under /public/ and see what happens
> when you ftp - YES FTP does handle http - to radiant.wreckcreations.biz
> Oh, and get rid of that redirect first.
> You really should'nt need the double-domainname like that AT ALL.
> Its a side effect of an incorrect set-up.
> I suggest you go to the domain "control panel" and see where the base is
> set.  You might see a form something like
>                                    +-----------+
>     Web directory:  /home/username/|           |
>                                    +-----------+
> That's where you need to put the path to the "/public'
> In my case it looks like
>                                    +-----------------------+
>     Web directory:  /home/username/|www.systemI.ca/public/|
>                                    +-----------------------+
>  THAT is where the web browser gets pointed.
> I can't be sure, not being a subscriber, that the GoDaddy looks exactly
> the same.
> Officially, Dreamhost isn't "Rails-Friendly".  In practice they are, its
> that they don't help with the actual application.  But setting up Rails,
> Passenger and the like they've always helped with.  And they have a good
> support Wiki.
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