Hello~ I' m trying to deploy my radiant web application with use sub-directory

just like below


so i've tried to search how to deploy in sub directory in everywhere
then i got some clues about change config/enviroment.rb
to add below line
config.action_controller.relative_url_root = "/dictionary"

and it's simply works nevertheless it's not change about public path, it's not 
that story
I mean under public path's  image files or css files are stil in that path -> 

also it has got one more problem that can't be shown files under assets path
so when i access to admim page, every css and image files were not be shown
but still my site was normal, only have problem in admin page

my env is
ruby - 1.8.7
radiantcms - 0.9.1

anyone can help me please?
Ill thank you in little clue!

with Best regards!

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