I'm upgrading from radiant 0.8.1 to 1.0, and I'm having a problem with one 
of the extensions we're using. We use multi-site-extension, and it uses the 
submenu extension to allow users to choose which site they want scoped to. 
Unfortunately, submenu isn't compatible with the Tabs changes from Radiant 
0.9.1, and the extension hasn't been updated.

I'm hoping for some guidance on what changed with Tabs and what changed 
might be needed.

This is the multi-site extension we're 
using: https://github.com/spanner/radiant-multi-site-extension
This is the submenu 
extension: https://github.com/joebushi/radiant-submenu-extension

The code that's dying during initialization of the app is the attempt to 
include TabExtensions in Radiant::AdminUI::Tab, which is coming back as an 
uninitialized constant. What's replaced Radiant::AdminUI::Tab? Is there a 
different object the extensions should be included into?

def activate
    Radiant::AdminUI::Tab.send :include, TabExtensions
    Radiant::AdminUI.send :include, Submenu
    ApplicationHelper.send :include, Admin::SubmenuHelper
    ApplicationController.send :include, ResourceControllerExtensions
    UserActionObserver.instance.send :add_observer!, SubmenuLink

    unless defined? admin.submenu_links
      Radiant::AdminUI.send :include, SubmenuAdminUI
      admin.submenu_link = 

Thank you!

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