Hi Heikki,

Am 31.08.2017 um 19:53 schrieb Heikki Vatiainen:
Yes, that certainly helps. There's now an update in Radiator 4.19 patches that adds support for logging outgoing RadSec messages with MessageLog.

great! I'll test it tomorrow.

tested, yep, now it logs (in AND out) RADSEC connections, and with my LogSkipHook.patch I can limit the MessageLog just to RADSEC connections:

<MessageLog FILE>
    Format text2pcap
    Filename %L/messagelog-%0-%1

    # log just RADSEC connections, on port 2083
    LogSkipHook     sub { \
my ($p, $from_ip, $from_port, $to_ip, $to_port) = @_; \ $from_port == 2083 || $to_port == 2083 ? return 0 : return 1; \


Works well with my wrapper for text2pcap and mergecap, now I can debug it with wireshark like a pro.

Will you ship the wrapper script in the goodies directory in one of the next next patches or needs it refactoring from OSC?



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