Thanks to all!

Now I understand this check item clearly.

But I'm still in trouble:
If I comment MaxSessions line, everyone can connect more than once at a
Since all my users are authenticated against a SQLServer table, how should I
put "Simultaneous-Use" check item for each user?

I tried to use this, with no success (everyone can auth with the right
password, regardless the sim-use item):

  AuthSelect select Password, Simultaneous-Use from Customer where
  AuthColumnDef 0, User-Password, check
  AuthColumnDef 1, Simultaneous-Use, check

Am I missing something here?


Ricardo Freire

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Date: Sexta-feira, 19 de Fevereiro de 1999 20:01
Subject: Re: (RADIATOR) Simultaneous-Use question

>I believe that which ever is lowest, takes affect.  So if your Maxsessions
>is 1, and your Sim-Use is 2, it will only alow 1.  However, in your users
>file, you can put Sim-Use = 1 for the DEFAULT users, and SIm-Use = x for
>ones that you want different.  Then, you don't use MaxSess at all.
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>From: Ricardo Freire <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Saturday, February 20, 1999 5:42 AM
>Subject: (RADIATOR) Simultaneous-Use question
>>Hi Mike,
>>I think Simultaneous-Use overrides MaxSessions option, so I can't figure
>>why this is not working here:
>><SessionDatabase SQL>
>>    (stuff here)
>>     MaxSessions 1
>>     AuthByPolicy ContinueUntilAccept
>>     <AuthBy EMERALD>
>>        (stuff here)
>>     </AuthBy>
>>     <AuthBy FILE>
>>     </AuthBy>
>>ricardo Simultaneous-Use = 2,User-Password = "my password"
>>When I try the second connection (actually via radpwtst), I get this log:
>>Fri Feb 19 16:00:10 1999: INFO: Access rejected for ricardo: MaxSessions
>>(Do you recognize some patch here? :-)
>>(btw, I'm using radpwtst, so I have to "manually" put a record in the
>>sessiondatabase table).
>>Best regards,
>>Ricardo Freire
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