On Feb 20,  1:10pm, Ricardo Freire wrote:
> Subject: Re: (RADIATOR) Simultaneous-Use question
> Thanks to all!
> Now I understand this check item clearly.
> But I'm still in trouble:
> If I comment MaxSessions line, everyone can connect more than once at a
> time.
> Since all my users are authenticated against a SQLServer table, how should I
> put "Simultaneous-Use" check item for each user?
> I tried to use this, with no success (everyone can auth with the right
> password, regardless the sim-use item):
>   AuthSelect select Password, Simultaneous-Use from Customer where
> UserName='%n'
>   AuthColumnDef 0, User-Password, check
>   AuthColumnDef 1, Simultaneous-Use, check
> Am I missing something here?

No, that should work.

Can you send the -trace 4 showing what happens whn you use this?


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