On Apr 16, 12:32pm, Paul Thornton wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Lost Stop Records
> Hi,
> Does anyone know why I am sometimes not receiving a STOP record for when a
> user disconnects (for whatever reason). We are using the radius detail
> logs for accounting purposes, but with this being an intermittent problem
> our accounting program doesn't record them logging out. This in turn
> causes another program (Time Watcher) to keep deducting credit. Not good
> for our records and definately not good for the user.
> I have basically had to create a script (very resource hungry) which uses
> smtp to retreive the latest user list from 15 PortMasters and then verify
> this list, with what our database shows. There is always one or two that
> should not be there :(

I guess the most common cause of missing Stop packets in your detail file is if
your NAS crashes or is restarted. You will never get a Stop for the users who
were on the NAS at the time.

Other possibilities are:

1. Flakey network. That doesnt sound likely, as you would probably have other
more serious problems than this.

2. Firmware problem in your NAS, though I havent had any similar reports from
this cause for PMs.

3. Anyone else think of anything?

Hope that helps.


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