On Apr 30,  9:37am, Karl Gaissmaier wrote:
> Subject: Re: (RADIATOR) Wishlist: radip-address.cgi
> Hi Mike,
> Mike McCauley schrieb:
> >

> thanks you again for your prompt coding!
> I'm still missing one important feature:
> Remember my first posting, what I really need is a summary of all
> used IP addresses and the possibility to drill down.
> Because the complains about hacking deliver only time and Source
> Ip address. If I have to start with the userlist, I have to probe
> or guess what to click to find the IP address of the hack-attack.

OK, I have uploaded a new version that will do summary lists by IP address.

> P.S. As I can see, Radiator is one of the best supported products
> I've ever bought! With this support from Mike on the mailinglist
> you need nearly no support contract. Anyway, I decided now to buy
> one, just to honour Mikes work!
Thank you. We really appreciate it.


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