Hi Karl.

On May 3,  1:36pm, Karl Gaissmaier wrote:
> Subject: Re: (RADIATOR) radacct.cgi and compressed files
> Hi Mike,
> Mike McCauley schrieb:
> >
> > Another nice idea Karl.
> > Done, and uploaded to radacct.cgi in the 2.13.1 patches area.
> >
> > Thanks for your good suggestions.
> >
> Thanks for coding!
> I think the following behavior of radacct.cgi is a small bug and
> no intended feature:
> Assume that the statically configured $filename in radacct.cgi
> points to the current detail file. All older detail files are
> compressed. If I start radacct with a compressed detail.gz
> by a filename tag in the URL, e.g.
> /http://localhost/cgi-bin/radacct.cgi?filename=/a/b/c/detail-99-05-01.gz
> then I get the User summary, alright so long. But the link to
> "summary by ip-address" doesn't use the specified filename tag,
> it takes the default filename configured in radacct.cgi.
> I think this is a bug.
Quite right.

I have fixed it (and a couple of other similar ones) and uploaded the new one.
Thanks for reporting it.


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