Hi Wim.

Here is a new version of AuthLDAP2.pm that should fix this problem for you. It
reconnects to the LDAP server for each authentication, which seems to be the
preferred model, these days.

It should also fix the problems reported by another Radiator LDAP user with
LDAP servers that time out when one connection is (re)used.

Hope that helps.
Let me know how it goes so I can roll it into the next release.


On May 26,  6:45pm, Wim Biemolt wrote:
> Subject: Re: (RADIATOR) AuthBy LDAP2 works only once ...
> Hi Mike,
> ==> From: Mike McCauley
> > I have had a report of something similar for one kind of LDAP server.
> > Apparently what happens is that that type of LDAP server closes the TCP
> > connection after a timeout of a few minutes, whereas Radiator expects the
> > connection to stay up.
> I have problems even if I perform two authentications within a few seconds.
> > What type of LDAP server do you have?
> > Can you confirm whther you are seeing similar behaviour?
> I'm using a LDAP server which comes with the Imail server 5.0.3 for this.
> Some info about this is at
>       http://www.ipswitch.com/products/imail_server/openstandards.html
> Somebody using this LDAP server successfully in combination with radiator??
> -Wim
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