We are using Radiator 2.13.1 on Solaris with Oracle v8.

There are several POP's and we use finger for ghost sessions. We use Ascend

Radiator is in location Istanbul for example, and one of the POP's are in
other city e.g. Ankara. When the line goes down between Istanbul-Ankara, and
the user tries to logon in Istanbul, since the user information still on
RADONLINE, it tries to check it thru finger and since the line is down,
finger WAITS! a longtime thus Radiator does not respond other requests till
the finger request is finished (single process that is).

Then eventually finger timeouts and the session is deleted from RADONLINE
and user is permitted. However this has two problems:
1- User may be still online in Ankara (thus simultanous sessions)
2- finger waits too long and no user auth is accepted till timeout of finger

Any solutions to finger problem when the line is down? How can we
automatically cancel finger requests if the line is down between POP and
Radiator-Host location?

Thanks very much,


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