I've suddenly started getting snmpget errors.  The only thing that has changed is I 
upgraded the linux kernel to 2.2.9 Here is my config.

# radius.cfg

Trace 4
PidFile         /usr/local/radius/radiusd.pid
AuthPort        1645
AcctPort        1646
LogDir          /usr/local/radius/log
LogFile         %L/%Y%m%d
DbDir           /usr/local/radius/raddb
DictionaryFile  /usr/local/radius/dictionary.usr
RewriteUsername tr/[A-Z]/[a-z]/

<Client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>
        Secret somesecret
        DefaultRealm domain.com
        NasType TotalControlSNMP
        SNMPCommunity somecommunity
        IdenticalClients xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx etc.

I have 2.13.1 and all the patches.  I am using RedHat 5.2 with kernel 2.2.9 (which is 
new) and RH's rpm ucd-snmp-utils-3.5.3-2 package for snmpget.  I have double and 
checked the community and it is correct.  Here is the errors I am getting

Error in packet
Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.
This name doesn't exist:
No community name specified.
  snmpget [-v 1|2c|2p] [-h] [-d] [-q] [-R] [-D] [-m <MIBS>] [-M <MIDDIRS>] [-p <P>] 
[-t <T>] [-r <R>] [-c <S> <D>] <hostname> <community>|{<srcParty> <dstParty> 
[<objectID> ...]

....all the parameters for snmpget printed here...I thought I'd spare you and delete 

sh: somecommunity: command not found

So it looks like radiator is not parsing the config file correctly because it thinks 
the community 'somecommunity' is a command, not part of the SNMPCommunity setting.  
likely is that RedHat is using some weird version of snmpget.  


PS: Before sending this message, I uninstalled the ucd-snmp's rpm's and installed the 
latest version from the link off the radiator site.  Same problem.
PSS: Mike, FYI the link to ucd-snmp is not working properly.  It tacks on the ucd URL 
to open.com.au.

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