How can I fix it though?  It was working fine until I upgraded the kernel to 2.2.9, 
but I fail to see what the kernel has to do it.  Is it something wrong with the config 
file?  I did 
install the version of ucd-snmp from the link on your web site.  Can I hard code the 
snmp community string in radiator as a test?  Which module would that be,


On Tue, 22 Jun 1999 10:03:56 -0500, Mike McCauley wrote:

>Hi Richard.
>On Jun 21,  7:51am, Richard Hawley wrote:
>> Subject: Re: (RADIATOR) snmpget errors.
>> >>
>> >> sh: somecommunity: command not found
>> >
>> >So, that last line is actually printed out by snmpget or Radiator?
>> >
>> I am not sure.  It looks like a shell error.  Just as if I typed
>somecommunity at the prompt and bash gave that error.
>Thats what it looks like to me too.
>I have a very strong suspicion that your snmpget program is behaving in a
>different way to before, and its not sending the community name to Radiator as
>you would expect.

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