This morning my laptop insisted on installing a really long Windows 10 update 
that I'd been putting off for probably a week.

This is on my personal development machine, not on a network.

And now my RBase reports are screwed up.  I can bring reports up in the 
designer, but both preview and printing from the R> prompt shows a blank page.  
Sometimes doing the preview locks RBase up.

Here's what I tested:

1.  I picked multiple local databases, they all behaved the same way.  All the 
databases are ones I use regularly, they all worked fine the last time I 
accessed before today.

2.  I would pick a table that has lots of data and multiple reports.  Some 
reports will print fine, some do not.  Cannot find a pattern.

3.  It happens on version 9.5, version X,  32-bit and 64-bit (I got them all 
installed here).  Fails on databases in ALL versions

4.  My first hint that something was wrong:  I tried to do an insert into a 
table and got an error message I'd never seen, about not having privileges with 
owner password NONE.  None of my databases have an owner password.  I did an 
autochk and a reload of that database and the error message went away and I 
could insert.  However, it is one of the databases where reports do not work.

Anyone having this happening to them?  Can someone think of a Windows setting 
that would affect this?

Should I revert to the previous windows 10 build, and if so how do I do that?  
A restore point?

And then I guess I research how to stop windows 10 from updating......

Thank you Microsoft


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