I rode all last winter with nothing more than wool layers (1 to 4,
depending on the temp), MUSA long pants, the heavy cotton long-sleeve
RBW T shirt and a light REI "soft-shell" jacket (presumably made in
China). The T-shirt was just under the jacket to help it block wind.
Wouldn't need that with a more "wind-shirt" type thing (Marmot sells
something literally called a windshirt, I think). RBW and REI supply
all you need. If the sizes are too small, Justin Charles sells *huge*
wool stuff (their 3XL is substantially bigger than RBW's "Jumbo").
Political note; Justin Charles's clothing (and presumably many things
from REI) are made in China.

Layered wool is the way to go for warmth *and* comfort. Head, hands,
trunk, legs, feet. The socks RBW now sells are *fantastic*; last
year's were phenomenal to wear but only lasted about 5-6 wearings
before the heel became a hole; the new ones are still a close second
to those in comfort and show little wear after a dozen or more
wearings. I no longer wear any other socks, no matter what time of
year. The 80/20 striped shorties are fantastic!

I live in the Chicago area; I commuted every work day throughout the

Let not Old Man Winter stop you!

On Oct 3, 3:37 pm, Eric Norris <campyonly...@me.com> wrote:
> I suggest a Showers Pass rain jacket with some wool layers  
> underneath.  Their jackets are well ventilated if you want them to be,  
> but they'll also keep all the wind out and get quite warm inside if  
> you want that.  The wool layers will help keep you dry in case you  
> sweat inside the jacket.
> --Eric
> campyonly...@me.comwww.campyonly.comwww.wheelsnorth.org
> On Oct 3, 2009, at 1:30 PM, geezer wrote:
> > Hi all.  I'm looking to improve my winter wardrobe this year.  I'm
> > specifically looking for a jacket and pants that work well for riding
> > - somewhat trim, zippers for ventilation etc.  I live in northern
> > Michigan (the home of miserable winters) so, realistically, I'll park
> > the bike when it hits around 20 degrees and/or the snow and ice become
> > glacial.
> > I'm willing to spend some bucks on this stuff.  I understand layering
> > - I'm mostly interested in outerwear.
> > I'll do the research - just point me in a direction for stuff that has
> > worked for you.
> > Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions,
> > Mike
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