On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 10:51 AM, John McMurry <johnmcmu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The Ibex Hybrid Dash jacket with a merino wool base layer (Icebreaker,
> Ibex, or Woolywarm, or Bicycle Fixation's Ninja Jersey) keeps me more
> comfortable, in the widest range of conditions, than any other
> combination I've tried.  As an added bonus, it looks a heck of a lot
> better than some of the outfits I've been caught wearing too:
> http://tinyurl.com/ycls729

I've been trying to stay out of this one because I'm pretty fantical
about the Ibex Dash Hybrid. I ride year 'round in Spokane, WA. Spokane
is eastern Washington state, where you get 4 distinctly beautiful
seasons. Winter is lots of snow and pretty cold, with a couple weeks
of zero to sub-zero weather.

The Dash Hybrid jacket is the best jacket by far that I've ever tried.
Like, John, I layer Icebreaker or Ibex under it. Smartwool too, but
that's a long third. And I don't have much Woolywarm left.

Right now, it's about 40F on my commute to work. For that, I'll go
with a short sleeve micro weight wool  + the Dash Hybrid. At 35, I'll
add a mid-weight wool. Under freezing, I'll add another micro. which
keeps me happy down to about zero.

Ibex no longer makes the Dash Hybrid. Their new version is called the
Vim Hybrid and it's thinner/lighter-weight and not bike specific. It's
a fine jacket and more versitile across a range of activities, but
it's more suited, I think to more temprate winters and will require
more layering for my climate than the Dash Hybrid does. (Full
disclosure: Ibex sent me a Vim Hybrid to review for a local out door
monthly magazine).

The Dash Hybrid is the only jacket that has really held up for me in
the "suffering zone," which is just above freezing and raining, aka:
"cold and wet." Some one else pointed out the folly of "waterproof and
breathable." I agree. In my experience, that concept is just pure
fantsay. When it comes to riding hard in the suffering zone, you can
be wet and cold, or wet and warm, but not dry and warm.

John Speare
Spokane, WA USA

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