On Oct 3, 2009, at 3:30 PM, geezer wrote:

> Hi all.  I'm looking to improve my winter wardrobe this year.  I'm
> specifically looking for a jacket and pants that work well for riding
> - somewhat trim, zippers for ventilation etc.  I live in northern
> Michigan (the home of miserable winters) so, realistically, I'll park
> the bike when it hits around 20 degrees and/or the snow and ice become
> glacial.
> I'm willing to spend some bucks on this stuff.  I understand layering
> - I'm mostly interested in outerwear.
> I'll do the research - just point me in a direction for stuff that has
> worked for you.
> Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions,

Are you looking for a shell type layer or something more, well, wooly?

For jacket type things, I have a Showers Pass Elite rain jacket which  
is also a very good shell layer for dry cold weather thanks to its  
excellent ventilation.  And I have a very light weight nylon jacket  
which appeared to be aimed at cross-country skiing (scratch and dent  
sale at REI, so the original tags were missing).  This works  
surprisingly well with just a wool jersey into the mid to low 40s and  
with a long sleeve wool jersey into the mid to upper 30s.  LIttle  
ventilation but it "breathes" fairly well (I dislike using the term  
"breathes" for an inanimate object, but if I try something like  
"osmotes" that isn't any better and has to be explained anyway).

Tomorrow morning the missus and I are going the "Gandhi Dancer" ride  
on the Gandy Dancer trail in Wisconsin, celebrating Gandhi's  
birthday.  Starting temps should be around 35F or so.  Sheesh.  So  
I'll get to try out my layers earlier than usual.  Too bad the  
Mahatma wasn't born in August...

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