Nitto makes a front rack called the F-15.  It clamps to the 26.0mm part of 
your drop bars and it's a u shaped support around the perimeter of a 
handlebar bag.  Rivendell stocks that rack and has 13 of them in stock as 
of 9/22/16.  Various bag makers offer a bag to fit that rack.  There is a 
Sackville model that Riv also has in stock, but they only have two of the 

My plug is for the rack itself.  It's astonishingly nice.  It looks like it 
should be super floppy but it's surprisingly solid for a typical handlebar 
bag application.  If you own, or ever think you might own a typical 'road 
bike', that doesn't have much in the way of attachment points for a normal 
front rack, the old F-15 is a fantastic option.  I'm running mine on a 
Black Mountain Cycles road bike.  Not only is it way lighter and way less 
expensive than a traditional rack + decaleur setup, but it puts the 
handlebar bag in exactly the same place relative to the handlebars no 
matter which bike I put it on.  

In my opinion, anybody in the habit of setting up various bikes with 
various bags should have an F-15 laying around, hence the plug.  Riv has 13 
of the racks but only 2 of the bags to fit it.  Riv is selling the rack for 
$78.  The other two online US vendors that have the F-15 rack in stock are 
asking $95 and $120 for it.  Now's a good time to buy an F-15 rack, (it's 
like picking up free money at $78) and treat yourself to a bag to fit it 
when one comes up for sale, or have Ruthworks make you a custom to match 
your bike.  

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

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