I'm in a similar place Jay, put my name in for the 64 -L. ,and waiting on 
final dimensions for a decision. No bosco for me either, I'm 6'3" and a 59 
wouldn't work for me in front-center, I need it longer.  I don't need the 
64cm seat tube height either, but I would still have a fistfull of post I 

 I wish the Alba came in 56 and 58 too.  I have 2 56 steel Alba's and the 
55's curve is different from the 56, no thanks. A wider steel would be 
great. Enough of this 55 nonsense !  I recall when the Alba was sold in 55 
and 56 GP wrote that even his daughter rode the 56, but now the 55 is 
supposedly alright for us adults ?  Odd.   There is a 56cm reach back steel 
bar sold by Blue Lug I may consider, the B356. The "pneubar" that Riv is 
working on is unknown as of yet, but hopefully it will be 56 or wider and 

  A Surly Open bar is also up for consideration, but that depends on the 
overall reach of the 64 !  I already have a 60 Bombadil, which has the 
longest reach of any stock Riv made for it's size, so I'd want no less. 

On Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 4:00:37 PM UTC-4, Jay Connolly wrote:
> 6'5" -- I'll still be using an upright bar, but nothing  as extreme as the 
> Bosco. I'll make my final decision when I see the geo numbers for the 64. 
> Jay

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