I wasn't much interested in the Roadini until I saw the presale 
announcement last week, with the pics and the description, and my interest 
grew.  I was really close to sending my payment---in fact, was merely 
debating which color to get---but since then my interest has waned because 
I don't know that I can get past the TIG welds.  I understand the reasoning 
behind them, and I acknowledge that it makes no difference to the ride 
quality, the longevity, or anything thing else that matters objectively, 
but still....  I vowed a few years ago that I wouldn't buy a bike that had 
a threadless headset (for rational reasons) or that was TIG-welded (for 
emotional reasons), and while the Roadini caused me to reconsider 
that---the model ticks ALL of my other boxes---I fear that the welds will 
always truncate my love.  

I wish the model was in the Sam/Joe/Cheviot class; made in Taiwan with 
lugs, so it's much less expensive than the Waterford-made models but more 
than the TIG-welded models.  I'd be the first in line for that one.  


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