Well, I just bought a hundred bucks worth...I know I will use it. I might 
do more later after pay day. 

This also got me off my butt to purchase the remaining parts I need for my 
Appaloosa build. Looks like I'm going to be doing the two speed single 
speed thing that the Cheviot on the blug had. It's going to work well for 
the gravel roads I ride, especially the 24 tooth lower on the Silver crank. 
I went with the chaco moose bar that was in the web specials. 

I almost...almost bought that 53cm Frank Jones frame too but I would 
seriously be living in the garage for the year, sent there by the wife, if 
I did that. It's a great looking frame and would make a killer single speed 
fasty bike, but I don't need it and I got too much wrapped up in bikes now. 
If I could sell one of the many mountain bikes I got, I might be able to do 
it but....dude, I got an Appaloosa coming!!!!

I remember back in the day Riv doing a similar thing by asking people to 
purchase gift cards. I'm happy to help them out. 

On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 6:38:03 PM UTC-6, Chris Birkenmaier 

> I was just in Ri s website and saw their request for their loyal 
> supporters to purchase store credits of $10 units to help through a cash 
> flow jump. I promptly purchased some credits. I love this company and am 
> happy to help them out. Goodness knows I always find things I want to buy 
> from them. While I was doing this I also got an email with the request. 
>  I’d encourage you all to read your email or visit their website for 
> complete details 
> Chris 
> Who is getting a Roadini to add to the collection

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