That might not be as conclusive as you imagine, since the weight difference 
would likely be insignificant. For instance, the difference between a Tange 
1 and a Tange 2 frameset is only a handful of grams--but the tubing 
thickness (and diameter, but the SH and AHH have the same diameter frames) 
could be different. Given that one is more sloped than the other, and one 
has canti bosses, a head to head weight comparison won't be that useful 
IMO. I don't believe they are sized the same either, and that larger or 
smaller triangle could affect the ride feel as well as weight. The only 
real test would be to go all BQ on the situation and get the correct size 
for you in each model, and outfit them exactly the same, then ride them 
back to back a couple dozen times on the same course. Or just buy the one 
that you like the looks of better, or fits your budget best. 

Scott McLain wrote: I* was wondering if Bill had weighed both frames.  I 
would imagine he has.  It would be hard to argue that an AHH would be more 
lively if it weighed more or the same.*

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