On January 30th I asserted that it should be straightforward to build a 
sub-20 pound, off-road ready Legolas.  Here it is:


It's confirmed at 19.3lb, saddle and pedals included.  All it needs is 
handlebar tape and a water bottle cage.  

Bill Lindsay 

El Cerrito, CA

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 7:15:15 AM UTC-8, Bill Lindsay wrote:
> RJM is right that anybody endeavoring to build the lightest possible bike 
> won’t choose a steel frame. That said, there are still plenty of people who 
> want a steel frame AND want it to weigh under 20 pounds.   
> A sub 20 pound off-road ready Legolas should be straightforward. A sub 19 
> pound Roadeo with nothing dumb on it should also be straightforward. You 
> just need to decide to do it, or not. Rackless, fenderless and lightless 
> makes it much easier. 
> Contemplating your 26 pound road bike and wishing it was <20 pounds is a 
> little more complicated and costly:   
> Take it completely apart 
> Weigh every single thing 
> Make sure the sum of the weights makes sense 
> Eliminate stuff and replace parts with lighter choices until the sum is 
> where you want it to be 
> Put it back together 
> Bill Lindsay 
> El Cerrito Ca

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