Am 23.11.2013 17:55, schrieb Melissa Powell:
...  There is no 'choice', the rules have
They *got* changed.

 This is the first step to compliance with the rest of the
information industry.

Really? Has anyone out there in the industry even noticed?
What *might* get noticed is a change in communication formats,
but not in rules.

As Mac and James indicated, there *are* choices. These will likely
be taken, to varying degrees, by those who see no choice but
to avoid compliance.
And the result will be more variety in the local systems and,
very likely, in OCLC data as well. How does that bode for
interoperability? This could have been avoided if access to the rules
were free or not much more expensive than with AACR.

RDA *might* become a success, but not in the way the access to
it is now prohibitively expensive for too many libraries. Not
to speek of other communities. Or are there many registered
and paying users now who are not libraries?
RDA will not be a success for reasons James has listed, but
certainly not because of the text being monopolized. This
is incompatible with the ideals of libraries.


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