Hello all,

I'd appreciate any thoughts about whether I'm on the right track in dealing
with this name.

I'm doing original cataloging of Ciasta i ciasteczka Siostry Marii (Sister
Maria's cakes and cookies).  The author's name appears as Siostry Marii
(genitive case) on the title page and Siostra Maria Goretti on the verso of
the t.p.  So following and 2.2.2, Siostra Maria would be the
preferred form.

I can find no biographical information on Siostra Maria, other than that
she apparently runs an orphanage and bakery connected with a basilica in
Poland.  Luckily and to my surprise, the form I have chosen for the
authorized access point, 100 0_ $a Maria, $c Siostra, does not conflict
with any authorized or variant access points in the NAF.

A wrinkle in constructing the variant access point (400 1_ $a Goretti,
Maria, $c Siostra) is that "Goretti" may not be this individual's surname;
rather I suspect that "Maria Goretti" may be her name in religion honoring
Saint Maria Goretti.  Am I right in supposing that I don't need to worry
about this distinction in setting up the access point?

Thanks in advance to the Collective Wisdom for any confirmation or

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