since you are dealing with a person in religion who may wind up being
entered under her given name (Maria), note RDA instructions ("Other
persons of religious vocation") and ("General Guidelines on
Recording Names Containing Neither a Surname nor a Title of Nobility"). The
effect of these instructions is that "Siostra" is only recorded as part of
the preferred name when the first element of the preferred name is a given
name (in this case, Maria). If you choose "Maria" as the name by which
Siostra Maria is commonly identified, then you can formulate her preferred
name as

100 0_ $a Maria, $c Siostra

i.e., you record "Siostra" as "an integral part" of her name. If on the
other hand you decide that her name is Maria Goretti, i.e. you choose a
name that contains a surname, there is no provision for recording "Siostra"
as an integral part of the name, and your access point would be

100 1_ $a Goretti, Maria

Since she is identified as Siostra Maria on your title page, I think you
would be justified in establishing her as

100 0_ $a Maria, $c Siostra
400 1_ $a Goretti, Maria

right now, this 400 doesn't conflict with any 100, so that would be OK --
your 400 only matches another 400, which is allowed.

If you feel that "Maria Goretti" is this person's name in religion, i.e.
that Goretti is not her surname, you could add this 400 as well:

100 0_ $a Maria, $c Siostra
400 1_ $a Goretti, Maria
400 0_ $a Maria Goretti, $c Siostra

The one form that is not admissible under RDA is
100 1_ $a Goretti, Maria, $c Siostra

since in this case the name chosen contains a surname, in which case
"Siostra" should *not* be treated as an integral part of the name.

Charles Croissant
Pius XII Memorial Library, Saint Louis University

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 12:18 PM, Stewart, Richard <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'd appreciate any thoughts about whether I'm on the right track in
> dealing with this name.
> I'm doing original cataloging of Ciasta i ciasteczka Siostry Marii (Sister
> Maria's cakes and cookies).  The author's name appears as Siostry Marii
> (genitive case) on the title page and Siostra Maria Goretti on the verso of
> the t.p.  So following and 2.2.2, Siostra Maria would be the
> preferred form.
> I can find no biographical information on Siostra Maria, other than that
> she apparently runs an orphanage and bakery connected with a basilica in
> Poland.  Luckily and to my surprise, the form I have chosen for the
> authorized access point, 100 0_ $a Maria, $c Siostra, does not conflict
> with any authorized or variant access points in the NAF.
> A wrinkle in constructing the variant access point (400 1_ $a Goretti,
> Maria, $c Siostra) is that "Goretti" may not be this individual's surname;
> rather I suspect that "Maria Goretti" may be her name in religion honoring
> Saint Maria Goretti.  Am I right in supposing that I don't need to worry
> about this distinction in setting up the access point?
> Thanks in advance to the Collective Wisdom for any confirmation or
> correction.
> --
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