Hey all you solar wise guys,


I am looking for a recommendation based on your experience, not just data
sheets for a 120 volt-9.8 amp-1/2HP well pump soft starter. Every time the
well pump starts the SW4024 groans and the lights flicker.


There are a lot of units that claim to soft start a ½ HP, but the reality is
that they claim ½ HP but are limited to 3.3 amp+/- output. I asked how this
is and was met with the usual, “gee gosh I am not sure.” I have one in hand
now from ABB that is guilty of this claim.


Some units claim to meet the spec but then you must limit the wire length to
30 meters. The well is 150’ from the house & 120 ft deep so a 270’ wire run
with what the well guy threw in 18 years ago. VFW cable [multi strand cable]
is a partial answer but not down in the well.

Somewhere down the road the inverter & the well pump will get replaced but
for now it is working. The newer 3PH wild AC drives are amazing on a Radian
Inverter. You cannot even tell the well is pumping till it has been for a
while and the fans kick on.


Suggestions & directions that have proven reliable for you?





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