I recommend you consider a ballasted system.  We have installed them on the
ground to good effect.  We grade a gravel surface to provide a level pad.
With soil underneath we bound the area with railroad ties or similar,
pegged into the soil to keep the gravel together.  On your rock surface, a
compacted road base should suffice.  Wind conditions should be considered
but these systems are engineered with that consideration in mind.

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Hi all,

I have a customer that requires a mounting option I have yet to encounter.
His site sits on top of of a massive hill of granite.  It is relatively
flat.  Are there any mounting options that could work here?  We are only
talking about (12) to (16) modules for an off grid array.  Is there
anything that can bolt to rock?  I typically use dpw or Mt solar pole
mounts but can't imagine how these options could work.  Any thoughts?

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