In article <> you write:
>I think there are two parts to your question. First, the Registry Stakeholder 
>Group (RySG) request for reconsideration that triggered this proposal;
>perhaps someone else in this list (from the RySG) can speak to that.

I took a look at the request and I read it as saying that RDAP would
cost money, and if it turns out that the final RDAP spec is different,
they'll have to spend even more money.  I didn't see any compelling
technical issues.  Needless to say, registries deeply resent anything
that requires them to spend money, particularly the new gTLDs whose
business plans are imploding.

>The second part would be ICANN organization’s proposal to address the RySG 
>request. ICANN is putting for the community’s consideration to do as
>requested by the RySG and remove the requirement to implement RDAP. We are 
>looking to learn what other members from the community have to say.

We should say in as few words as possible that access to WHOIS
information important for security, even in its current less than
ideal state, RDAP provides better access, and not having it will
negatively affect DNS users.  Considering that nearly all registries
share a handful of back ends, the actual cost per registry will be
small since a back end should only have to do RDAP once and it'll work
for all their TLRs.


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