I have one as well, never have been able to find out much though.  Yes, the batteries attach across the main output.  Somewhere inside there is a voltage adjustment that you set according to battery specs.  A switch on the back labeled float (normal position) and equalize (highr charge voltage, to equalize the batts)...   I have also been told there is a function for outputting a beep to the audio to indicate loss of mains...  but can't verify any of this.  It doesn't appear in any of my manuals...   So mine sits dormant, and I use a Xantrex C-35 and solar array...  mains go and washing machine relay un-latches to engagde batts....  hillbilly-hombrew kind of thing!
Did you ever locate the manual for the S-1323A Deviation Meter / Sinadder?  I never heard back...
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I am looking for information on the Micor station " battery charger" power supply, TPN1106A. This unit has a large cast aluminum heatsink on the rear side of it, and a TLN5298 stamped on the chassis as well. This unit provides charging for stand by batteries as well as powering the station. No manual that I have found has any info on these supplies. For example, where does the battery hook up? Across the output? Anyone have a print or any info?\
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