The manual you seek is still in print, and is available from Motorola Parts for $ 5.61.  It is publication 6881104E92.  It covers the TPN1105A and TPN1106A power supplies, as well as the optional battery protection and alarm system.  And yes, the battery connects directly to the same large Jones terminals as the PA.
73, Eric Lemmon WB6FLY

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I am looking for information on the Micor station " battery charger" power supply, TPN1106A. This unit has a large cast aluminum heatsink on the rear side of it, and a TLN5298 stamped on the chassis as well. This unit provides charging for stand by batteries as well as powering the station. No manual that I have found has any info on these supplies. For example, where does the battery hook up? Across the output? Anyone have a print or any info?\
Lance Alfieri


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