Is it at exactly the same interval?  If so, check the programming on your
CAT to make sure you're not calling an empty memory location (voice ID, DVR,
etc.), because if you call an empty location, the controller will still try
to access it.

I had a problem a while back and everything with the controller programming
seemed ok, but when I dumped the program and reloaded all the files,
everything started working as advertised.  

I also had one problem similar to yours (though it wasn't at anything close
to a regular interval) that was cause by having my squelch set just a tad
too loose.  It sounded for all the world like intermod, but it wasn't.

Let us know what you find!

-- de WM4B
Kathleen, GA

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[mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Scott
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2006 6:50 PM
Subject: [Repeater-Builder] Weird Kerchuking Problem

Here's the problem...

Every so often (several times in 10 minutes) we are getting a key up
of our repeater. 

Here is what we know...
There is no signal coming in on the input frequency. No even a small
spike. It is almost like something in the set up is timing and keying,
but it is not an exact interval. Doesn't matter is RX tone is enabled
in the CAT or not.

Here is the setup...
Motorola Mitrek trunk mount on 443.275, CAT 250 controller, Com-Spec
TS64DS tone board. It has a good 300W 3 can duplexer that is tuned
correctly and working well. 75Amp power supply. The cabinet also has
an APRS rig in it, as well as a remote receiver for another repeater,
and a link radio, but NONE of that is even turned on (and doesn't make
a difference when it is).

Suggestions as to what to look for...?

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