I'm afraid your wasting your time. According to the document for the Wacom 639 duplexer, this is what it says:


Notice that it says "TO 200 watts". That would be if you were at 2MHz of spacing or more. You are only at 600KHz spacing, so you power level will be much less. I know it's not what you want to hear, but I believe you have the wrong duplexer for a 100 watt solid state repeater.

73, Joe, K1ike

On 9/8/2010 9:18 PM, Richard Kelly wrote:

Good evening Eric,

Maybe this is why when the trasmit power is dropped to the 20-50 watt range, the receive opens way up like it should. However, according to the spec sheets regarding the Wacom SP-639 Duplexer, it is rated for 200 watts. So, again, not sure what's going on. We will be trying other things such as adding a second ground rod outside the shack instead of the single one we use now. We will also try isolating the amp some more and replacing the coax feed line with hard line. Thank you very much. We will be contacting Wacom directly tomorrow.

Rich Kelly, W2RRK

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