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"WACOM and Remec

WACOM started out as Waco Communications in Waco, Texas. At some point WACOM 
was bought by Remec, and in November of 2001 was sold to TX-RX."

TX-RX has since been purchased by Bird Technologies Group. I've tried several 
times to contact them about some replacement cables, etc. for some used TX/RX 
VHF Repeater Duplexers, and have received no response except for one reply that 
said something like "I've passed your request for information to our 
engineering group, who will be contacting you with the information you need". I 
never heard nything further, after several months. 

But several weeks ago, we were able to order a brand-new TX/RX 420-MHz 4-cavity 
duplexer from Bird Technologies for a 420-MHz link transceiver, although it 
hasn't arrived yet (it's a "Special Order" item).


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WACOM was bought out my Telewave and there tech support staff is very helpful…


You can cross reference your older Wacom cavities with their new product line 
at these links:



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WACOM hasn't been in business for some years now. Good luck contacting them 

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Good evening Eric,

Maybe this is why when the trasmit power is dropped to the 20-50 watt range, 
the receive opens way up like it should. However, according to the spec sheets 
regarding the Wacom SP-639 Duplexer, it is rated for 200 watts. So, again, not 
sure what's going on. We will be trying other things such as adding a second 
ground rod outside the shack instead of the single one we use now. We will also 
try isolating the amp some more and replacing the coax feed line with hard 
line. Thank you very much. We will be contacting Wacom directly tomorrow.

Rich Kelly, W2RRK

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