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> https://www.pine64.org/2019/06/06/june-2019-news-pinephone-pinebook-pro-and-pinetab/
> Comment on the pinephone. Is it for
> replicant?

We are currently porting Replicant to Android 9[1]. So while the port
will be first made for the Galaxy SIII (I9300) and similar devices.
It will use a kernel that will be closely based on upstream Linux.

Once this is done, that work could be used by anyone to add support for
other devices that use an upstream Linux kernel.

So assuming that the pinephone hardware gets supported in upstream
Linux[2], some work will still be needed to support it in Replicant:
- First, someone will need to adapt the work done for the Galaxy SIII
  to the pinephone. This shound't be a huge amount of work, especially
  if we document well things along the way.
- Then someone will need to add support for its modem in Replicant.
  Depending on which component makes sense to reuse it could be a lot
  of work. We will need to see if it's possible to reuse GNU/Linux
  modem support component in the future to make that easier.

Does someone knows which protocol is typically used with the Quectel
EC25? Is it AT or QMI?

If it's QMI, then adding support for the Galaxy SIII 4G (i9305) would
enable to also easily add support for the pinephone.

If it's AT, we'd need to look more into the details. The GTA04 could
also be interesting to support and this smartphone has an AT modem too.

It would also be interesting to find more about how the modem works as
it runs GNU/Linux on one of its processors[3].

[2]See the following status for the A64:


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